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"In a few weeks with us and with Charlie Kate has already had a big positive influence on his life and of course ours. She identifies our goals easily and clearly and works on each with a can-do attitude and a true understanding of both her dog clients and her human ones. We respond easily to her steady and kind ways of teaching Charlie and her persistence, patience and gentleness are infectious. You can’t go wrong with her."
Gary M.
"Kate has been unbelievable in her work with my dog Cooper over the last several months. What sets Kate apart from her competitors is her impressive level of detail. After the first week of working with Cooper she sent me a 5 page document with what they worked on, what items I should consider buying, and videos of them working together. It was EXACTLY what I needed. The improvement I have seen in Cooper since we started working with Kate has been incredible."
Tim C.
"Extremely knowledgeable and kind not only with your dog but with you. If you are looking for someone invested in the success of your years-long relationship with your pet, Kate is the woman you want and need. She leads and trains with kindness and offers you all the tools, feedback, and information you need to grow as a dog parent and also understand your puppers better. Not kidding, book her… NOW."
Charlene C.
"I have enjoyed working with Kate to socialize our puppy. Our puppy was fearful of new environments, other dogs and new people. After working with Kate and her training partner Murphy, we are able to explore new places and greet other people and dogs without fear or barking! "
Mary W.
"Kate cares so very deeply for animals and the work that she does. She is invested in the success of both the owners and dogs in her classes and sessions and will truly do whatever she can feasibly do to insure success for all."
Ashleigh J.
"I am so impressed with how much progress my pup has made! Mochi was really shy and cautious when we first got her at 8 weeks. While I did my best to socialize her, I saw the most improvement after Mochi worked with Kate. She did a complete 180! She is more curious about her surroundings, people, and other dogs rather than overtly afraid of everything... Extremely impressed by her knowledge, compassion, and professionalism. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for knowledgeable trainer."
Annette L.
"Kate has super responsive since day one, extremely patient, and worked through every speed bump with a critical eye and the least amount of stress possible to my pups. She's reassured me even when I feel like I'm screwing everything up and makes sure we're all set up to be successful. The first visit they barely let her into the apartment and now they whine when they see her car pull into the parking lot. I can't recommend her highly enough, even though she turned down my offer to be a live in dog whisperer."
Mell C.
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