Kate and her dog Murphy


Owner | KPA-CTP

Since I was young, I have had a passion for working with animals. I have always enjoyed observing and appreciating all animals, particularly dogs. I found these goofy furballs that live in our homes especially fascinating, from their complex range of emotions and signals, to their unique way of loving another species so unconditionally. My passion for dog training was sparked when my family became volunteer puppy raisers for Guiding Eyes for the Blind. The process of teaching a dog the foundational skills they would need to one day change someone’s life fulfilling. Throughout my teen and young adult years, I always had one foot in the animal world- from volunteering at horse stables, to working in a dog grooming salon, to dog walking around Albany. My career as a professional dog walker inspired me to pursue a professional dog training certification through Karen Pryor Academy (KPA-CTP). I chose this particular certification because the curriculum follows modern ideologies around dog training that are proven in research to produce lasting results. It breaks away from the outdated ideas around being an alpha to your dog and the need for corrections and punishment in training. Instead, using humane, positive, research-backed methods, I focus on creating an environment that sets you and your dog up for success. KPA is considered one of the most rigorous and prestigious programs available, and its certified trainers finish the program with a wide range of skills and tools to assist clients in improving their relationships with their dogs.

Becoming a KPA-CTP was more than just an educational experience or career move for me. It was a commitment to understanding how and why dogs behave the way that they do. I rely solely on positive reinforcement and science-based training methods to manage and modify those behaviors so that each dog learns at their own pace and gains confidence in their choices. Removing the aspect of correction from training creates opportunities for dogs to learn and succeed without fear or anxiety over the outcomes.

My promise to you is that together, we can create opportunities for your dog to feel secure making the right choices as they move forward through the learning process. Even if your dog is with me for walks or other services, you can have peace of mind knowing your dog is relaxed, happy and free to be themselves during that experience.

Thank you for choosing Capital Canines for your dog’s needs!

Murphy agility


Training Assistant | Specializes in helping reactive dogs, providing a calm example and checking his pee-mail

Murphy was born in Florida on 6/7/2018 (he and Kate share a birthday!). Unfortunately, Hurricane Michael hit and his foster was no longer able to care for him and his litter mates. Thankfully, Lucky Puppy Rescue was able to transport him and one sibling to Saratoga. Kate and her husband, Connor, fell in love with Murphy as soon as they met him, and he came home with them the day he arrived in NY. He has been a faithful training assistant ever since! He is a highly socialized pup and makes a beautiful walking buddy for any dogs who are anxious, high energy or just needs a friend to look to for support. He sets a great example for other dogs to follow, remaining calm and collected in new environments and novel situations.



Training Assistant | Specializes in starting the party, policing the fun and maintaining boundaries

Weaver was born in the Spring of 2022. Despite being adopted from Homeward Bound at 10 weeks old, Weaver was already displaying signs of reactivity toward anything and everything in her environment – especially other dogs. She has worked hard to address this challenge, and is now considered a recovering react-oholic. She provides a fun, bouncy energy, loves to demonstrate fitness exercises and is constantly looking to climb/jump/spin on surfaces. This athletic little dog has taught me so much in our short time together, and I am looking forward to her future as we explore new sports!