Private Dog Training

A Passion for Teaching with Kindness

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I know that having a dog in our modern world can be challenging. Between work, kids, schooling and everything else life throws at you, it can be hard to find the time and resources to properly train your dog. That is where Capital Canines comes in!

I can help you with undesirable behaviors such as pulling on leash, lunging and barking at other dogs, jumping on guests, unruly behavior in the house, etc.. Are you ready to regain peace and joy in your relationship with your dog?

Why Capital Canines?

As a training partner with Karen Pryor Academy and a dog owner myself, I know firsthand the challenges you can face while looking for a dog trainer. By the time you begin searching for help, you may be feeling tired, frustrated, sometimes even resentful. Those emotions are understandable, and I would be honored to help relieve you and your dog of the issues you are having. Read more about my training philosophies.

Puppy Stay & Train

Need to train your new puppy? This program will ensure that your puppy gets the best possible foundation for the rest of their lives.

Group Classes

My group classes are a great way to get your dog trained alongside others who are eager to learn. Our current group offerings can be found on my Group Classes page.

The Programs

I work in two basic programs: coaching and one-on-one work with your dog. Which route we go depends on you, your dog, availability and your training goals. We can discuss these options at our initial consultation.


Through my coaching program, you and I will work together as I guide you how to train your own dog. We will cover the basics of dog training techniques and delve into any behavior challenges your dog may be experiencing. We will also establish a clear line of communication between you and your dog, always utilizing safe, humane techniques that will leave you both feeling at peace and comfortable.

*See below for pricing

One-on-One Training

If you have a busy schedule and would like for me to train your dog for you, this may be an appropriate option for you. In the one-on-one model, I do all of the heavy lifting for you. Based on the needs and goals we outline together, I will tailor my sessions with your dog to produce reliable, long lasting results. You do not have to be home or participating, but you are welcome to observe these sessions. I promise that the methods I use are positive and backed by scientific research, so you can have peace of mind knowing that my time spent with your dog will be safe, fun and productive. Once the behaviors we want are taking form, I will transfer the necessary skills over to you so that you can maintain the behaviors and enjoy the results of your dog’s hard work.

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Hybrid Program

It is also possible to combine these programs into one holistic approach, during which we work together to come up with the best possible plan to achieve your training goals efficiently. Some sessions may involve coaching, while others may involve myself and your dog tackling behaviors together.

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Puppy Socialization

Did you add a new puppy to your family or are you considering doing so? I can provide support and help you cover the basics of socializing your puppy as well as training some basic obedience. Adding a puppy to your busy life can be much easier if you have some help. Utilizing places and situations that your puppy will encounter in life, I can offer experiences that will assist in building a foundation from which you and your puppy can build off of together as he/she grows up. This program covers a range of services that can be tailored to your puppy’s needs. We can take field trips to important places (pet stores, veterinary offices, grooming salons etc.), or learn the basics at home. These experiences will expose your puppy in a fun and safe way to things that may otherwise appear fearful, giving them a positive association to new places/objects/people/sensations. They also prevent issues from cropping up down the line, especially during critical fear periods.

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  • Initial Consultation: $100 + tax
    • There will be a 50% discount applied to this fee if you choose to purchase one of the below packages at our first meeting.
  • 1 Session: $90 + tax
  • 3 Sessions: $256 + tax
  • 5 Sessions: $427 + tax
  • 10 Sessions: $855 + tax

*Prices do not change based on the program we decide is best suited for your needs.

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